PAINT correction

At DYNAMICS Detailing we promise our Paint Correction packages will completely transform the finish of your vehicles paintwork. Removing swirls, scratches, blemishes and other unsightly defects, we can restore and often further improve the gloss, clarity and depth of shine.

  • Does your cars paint look dull and lifeless?  
  • your car looks nice under everyday lighting but when under direct light it shows up swirls & light scratches
  • Has your cars paint become tarnished or oxidised over time?

From a single stage paint correction – to an intensive Major Paint Correction, capable of removing even the worst scratches and defects. Whatever your cars condition, Dynamics have you covered. 

All of our Paint Correction packages are carried out within our custom Detailing Studio in Lutterworth, Leicestershire.


paint enhancement detail

The Enhancement Detail consists of a single set of machine polishing, attempting to find the perfect balance of defect removal and gloss improvement. Although a One Stage Polish does have its limitations, it can provide a significant improvement in terms of swirl/fine scratch removal & colour revival.

From £220.00 [1.5 Days]

2 stage paint correction detail

Our Two Stage Paint Correction Detail will provide an extreme visual transformation. During the first stage a medium – heavy abrasive compound polish and compounding pad will remove existing wash swirls, partial deep scratches, holograms and oxidation build up from the paints surface.

The second stage is known as the finishing stage. This is used to refine out any left over compounding haze, returning clarity and deep gloss back to the paintwork. Achieving 75% – 90% defect removal ( dependant on vehicle & vehicles current paint condition )

From £400.00 [2-3 Days]

bespoke major paint correction detail

A Major Paint Correction Detail involves of number of different methods and  techniques. Each vehicle needing its own individual approach to gain the best overall results. 

machine & hand sanding, multi step compounding, wheel restoration & polishing, Dent & Scratch repair. We listen to our client, whilst providing our own honest recommendations to create the ultimate bespoke package to suit your needs and budget.

We pride ourselves on being one of a handful of professional Detailer’s in the UK with the knowledge & expertise in flat sanding base and modern day clear coat paint finishes. Creating a 100% reflective level surface, free of orange peel and poor factory paint textures.

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Fox Land Rover Site

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Husbands Bosworth


LE17 6JL

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