Kamikaze ENREI is the Créme De La Créme of the Ceramic Coating world.

Kamikazi’s Flagship Ceramic Coating is a two part system, utilizing a base coat primer to enhance the bond of the top coat, for a much stronger chemical resistance and overall durability. The hardness and gloss of ENREI is leaps and bounds over other brands flagship coatings, which is a huge inovation considering it uses completely solvent & VOC free ingredients (Like all of the Kamikaze range of coatings).

The coating itself must be applied under strict conditions and as such can only be installed by professional Kamikaze trained & Certified Detailers.

kamikaze enrei
Step 1 begins with an intensive exterior decontamination wash. Using modern safe wash methods including pre snow foaming to soften hard dirt & grit, followed by a two bucket wash & soft detailing brushes to thoroughly clean all of the knots and crannies that are typically missed by a basic carwash. We attend to the wheels, tires, arches and exhaust tips before rinsing the vehicle down with 0 pcm filtered water. Step 2 is a light chemical decontamination, using a PH safe fallout remover to dissolve any ferrous materials (e.g. brake dust particles, rail rust etc) that often embeds itself into the cars paintwork. Spots of road tar needs to be safely removed before any polishing can begin. We will also carry out a soft clay-bar treatment to remove any left over contaminants still present on the paintwork. A light finish polish is then performed. This makes sure the surface is completely cleansed prior to coating ( Please don't mistake this for a paint correction polish). This ensures we have the minimal amount of defects in the paintwork and that the paint has a sharp, high clarity finish. Any remaining oils or polishing residue must first be removed via a dedicated panel wipe, before meticulously applying the coating a panel at a time, ensuring no high spots or streaks are left behind. The coating is then left to cure under a heat lamp for the allotted time. Once the coating has completed the initial cure, we will then apply a layer of Kamikaze Overcoat to add an extra seal to the coating as it goes through the full 20 day cure period.
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